Companies are distinguished from other human organizations, among other things, by the profit motive that drives them. However, achieving this goal does not justify itself by the use of any means, but by respecting society, laws, the environment and the rights of everybody involved.
Corporate Social Responsibility implies responsible action against workers, suppliers and any other affected directly or indirectly by the production process. It is the ethic, concerned and conscious act of the company towards the society of which it is part.
ITCO has participated in various projects throughout its trajectory, among which we can highlight:

2019 – Sponsorship of the Conference of the International Movement of India to Unite Nations (IIMUN), a movement supported by the United Nations, which took place at the National School José Pedro Varela to encourage young people to discuss and critically think about various issues of concern in the world.

2016 – until now – Advice in crisis management, recovery of judicial and extrajudicial assets and legal support to Colegio Nacional José Pedro Varela.

2014- Event on prevention and combat of money laundering for our 10th Aniversary

2013- 10 years of “Animales sin hogar” (Animals without a home)

2011- World motion for animal rights

2010 to date – ACRIDU- Uruguayan Association of help for the disabled.