Uruguay chosen by the world

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The country offers important advantages as a supplier of quality goods and services, and high added value.

  • Strategical location: its location and geography position it as a logistics platform to export to the region and the world.
  • Ease to do business: it is a stable and reliable country. It maintains commercial agreements with 18 countries and with more than 20 to avoid double taxation.
  • International standards: Uruguayan companies comply with the highest international requirements and access the most sophisticated markets.
  • Natural and innovative production: technology and nature united to produce safe and high quality nourishment. Innovation, talent and design as part of those productive processes.
  • Human talent: human resources in Uruguay count with an excellent formation and ease to adapt to new productive procedures or technology in a competitive way.
  • Technology and telecommunications: thanks to the technological development its economy finds itself insert in the world.

Financial market

  • The Exchange market in Uruguay is exclusively governed by supply and demand and no restriction is applied to the use or possession of foreign currency, free circulation of currency is part of our idiosyncrasy.
  • The majority of the most important Banks of the world are present in our country.
  • Operations with Uruguayan financial entities are protected by a strict banking secrecy, established by law, which has combined in recent years with compliance with international anti-corruption and anti-money laundering standards.
  • Uruguay admits the existence of national and foreign commercial societies, which can carry out activities in the country as well as abroad.
  • Activities carried out outside of our country enjoy a tax exemption based on the tax criteria of territoriality, by which the Uruguayan source activities are taxed, where as those carried out abroad are not.
  • Free Zones, Free Port and Temporary Admission Regime are exception regimes that favor commercial and industrial activity with a tax exemption system and an extremely broad service regime which is not affected by any kind of monopoly.
  • For more information about the opportunities our country offers please visit www.uruguayxxi.gub.uy